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Detail Geek All Purpose Cleaner


Detail Geek All Purpose Cleaner is ideal for cleaning all interior surfaces in your vehicle. The active foaming action will gently lift away dirt and grime leaving behind a perfectly clean surface!

For your added convenience, a separate empty dilution mixing bottle is also included! Easily prep the dilution ratio you need with the handy dilution markings right on the label!


4:1 Heavy Strength (rubber floor mats, pedals, heavily soiled areas)
10:1 Medium Strength (all other interior surfaces)


Test a small, inconspicuous area for colourfastness prior to use. Apply properly diluted product to surface. Agitate with a Detail Geek Boars Hair Detail Brush or slightly damp microfiber towel if necessary. Using a dry microfiber towel, wipe down surface to remove excess product until dry.