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Detail Geek Correcting Compound


Detail Geek Correcting Compound will remove deep scratches and swirls from your vehicle’s paint with ease, all while leaving little to no compounding swirls. Its fast acting superior micro-abrasives will level imperfections and leave the paint smooth and glossy.


  • Removes deep scratches and swirls with ease
  • Advanced no dust formula is incredibly easy to use
  • Special micro-abrasives will leave your paint nearly flawless

Directions: Ensure paint is washed, clayed and dry. Apply a few small drops to an appropriate DA pad and spread the compound over a roughly 2x2 section with the machine set to low speed. Increase speed to 4-5 and make slow, overlapping passes until material starts to diminish. Remove product with a Detail Geek Dual Pile microfiber towel. If necessary, follow up with Detail Geek Finishing Polish to completely restore the paint and then apply a Detail Geek Sealant or Coating to protect.