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Detail Geek Correcting Compound

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Detail Geek Correcting Compound will remove deep scratches and swirls from your vehicle’s paint with ease, all while leaving little to no compounding swirls. Its fast acting superior micro-abrasives will level imperfections and leave the paint smooth and glossy.


  • Removes deep scratches and swirls with ease
  • Advanced no dust formula is incredibly easy to use
  • Special micro-abrasives will leave your paint nearly flawless

Directions: Ensure paint is washed, clayed and dry. Apply a few small drops to an appropriate DA pad and spread the compound over a roughly 2x2 section with the machine set to low speed. Increase speed to 4-5 and make slow, overlapping passes until material starts to diminish. Remove product with a Detail Geek Dual Pile microfiber towel. If necessary, follow up with Detail Geek Finishing Polish to completely restore the paint and then apply a Detail Geek Sealant or Coating to protect.